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If you imagine the wars of the Middle Ages, you would first see the heroic cavalry running on horseback.

Now there are some adjustments to the size of the horse that riders used to know.

This is because, according to a recent study,war horses used in medieval warfare are not as large as modern horses.

A team of archaeologists and historian from the University of Exeter has unearthed several English horses bones used between 300 and 1650.

The size of the horses was measured by hand (10.16 cm or 4 inches), an old unit.

The great horses of that time were found to be just over 4 feet 7 inches high, instead of 6 feet or more.

Today, horses are about four and a half to four feet 7 to 7 m tall.

According to the International Journal of Osteoarcheology, archaeologists seem to be focusing on factors other than height in the selection of medieval war horses.

“The selection and breeding practices of horses in royal stables may focus on the nature of the horses and whether they have the correct physical characteristics to use in battle,” said Professor Alan Outram.

Even with the advent of the Royal Stables network in the 13th and 14th centuries, the highest horses were just over five feet [2 m] high.

People in those days would see these tall horses as very large horses.

Horses found at Trowbridge Castle between 1,066 and 1,075 during the Norman period were only about 5 feet in size.

Between 1,000 and 1,250, taller horses emerged, and some were as small as 5 feet 3 inches.

“Size, Archaeological records alone are not enough to reliably identify war horses, ”said Helene Benkert, a researcher at the University of Exeter.

Horses were used as war horses throughout the Middle Ages, and different types of horses may have been used at different times, depending on the tactics and cultural preferences of the battlefield.

However, until about 1,250, the size of the horses was only as high as the one mentioned above. Ordinary horses are certainly not too high.

From the middle of the 1500s to the middle of the 1650s, the average height of horses increased significantly to about the size of modern horses.

Possibly the size of a medieval horse

So you will never see a giant horse again, as this article has told you that only medallions were allowed to ride on horseback when medieval warriors rode on horseback.

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