Illegal visitors to Naypyidaw will be prosecuted under the Disaster Management Law


Dr Myat Wunna Soe, deputy director general of the Nay Pyi Taw Council Area Public Health Department, said that those entering the Union Territory through illegal entrances would be prosecuted under the Disaster Management Law.

Dr Myat Wunna Soe explained that this was due to a census of about 500 illegal immigrants per month in Naypyidaw council land.

“It simply came to our notice then. He was released. Some of them are breaking the law even more. We try to avoid divorce by forging tickets.

Running away In that case, we will take action. That is why the Naypyidaw council has instructed us to step up this, so we have informed the townships again.” he added.

At present, the Department of Health has filed about 20 lawsuits under the Disaster Management Law, said Dr. Myat Wunna Soe.

“It is a case filed by the township doctors at the relevant township health departments,” he said.

According to the Disaster Management Law, there are two types of lawsuits currently being filed under Section 25 and Section 30 (a). U Kyaw Moe, health officer at the Department of Public Health, explained.

“Section 30 (a) allows for insurance. The sentence is not more than one year imprisonment. Fine or Both fines and imprisonment can be imposed. With that in mind, we just want to reduce smuggling.” said Kyaw Moe.

The most illegal gates in Leway Township are Taungsin Aye Gate in Nay Pyi Taw; Airport Leway Station Pyinmana-Kyaukpadaung Railway and Expressway Milestone 199 (7 ​​miles 1 Phalon); 194 (2 Phalongs) There are a total of five entrances, Kyaw Moe added.

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