Judiciary decides to compensate skilled workers at Tiger Head Cement Factory


The tribunal decided to pay compensation to the skilled workers after the Kyaukse Cement Factory in Kyaukse made the workers reluctant to leave.

The Tiger Head Cement Factory in Kyaukse Township, Mandalay Division, has been temporarily closed since November 30 due to the inability to operate normally since the first wave of Kovis and the inability to pay its employees.

The factory fired all of its subordinates on Nov. 10, but ordered more than 100 skilled workers to relocate to other plantations on November 19.

No coal mines; Lashio farms and the Yangon VeVe soft drink factory. There are not enough staff rooms. There are no dispensaries in the villages near the mine. They said they did not want to go because of the nature of the work.

Workers say they have been told by the Tiger’s Head factory that they can only change jobs if they have to go, but their employers have ignored them.

The case was referred to the Mandalay Division Arbitration Panel due to the inconvenience of receiving compensation from the Kyaukse Township Mediation Committee.

The tribunal found that the factory owners were violating the terms of the employment agreement because the transfer period was the end of the Kovis-19 plague. I was asked to move. There are armed groups and there is no peace in the area. The first batch of 25 mines has expired.

He also said that if workers had to travel to such far-flung places during the Covid-19 period, the rest of the families would be distressed, and the employers were trying to force workers to resign voluntarily and not receive any benefits.

The arbitral tribunal therefore ruled that it was appropriate to pay severance pay rather than relocate workers.

More than 100 employees above the level of Deputy Superintendent have between 4 and 20 years of experience.

Tin Zaw Oo, chairman of the factory’s basic workers’ union, said: “The arbitral tribunal’s decision is fair and emphasizes social justice, including the law.”.

Nawy Hline (YU)

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