Khaing Hnin Wai adopted 43rd son


Actress Khaing Hnin Wai is a well-known philanthropist in Myanmar who is constantly involved in children’s philanthropic activities.

During the current Covid-19 era, she was helping the grassroots and adopting some children on different days.

On January 6th, it was announced that a newborn baby boy was adopted as the 43rd child of the “Khine” family.

Moe Set Social Welfare Association informed Khaing Hnin Wai about her newborn son who was abandoned by his parents at 48th Ward, Swe Taw Phu Street, North Dagon.

“We are very sad when we saw the kid’s name on diaper and we have to take care of the 43rd son of the” Khai “family again,” said actor Khaing Hnin Wei.

Actress Khaing Hnin Wai is an artist who is more involved in children’s charity work. She also involved in poverty alleviation measures.

That is why she was appointed as Special Envoy for the Prevention of Child Trafficking in December 2014.

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