About the BrahMos missile that will protect Philippines


According to the Hindustan Times of India on December 31, 2021, the Philippines is working to buy missiles from India.

The missiles are a joint Indian-Russian BrahMos cruise missile system and the Philippines will be the first to buy them.

This is a step by the Philippines to counter Chinese aggression in the South China Sea.

You can read more about the South China Sea in the South China Sea issues.

Its design is derived from the design of the Russian-made P-800 Oniks / Yakhont supersonic cruise missile.

The BrahMos rocket is India’s most advanced supersonic rocket powered by a medium-range Ramjet engine.

The current design includes submarines, Warships; It is designed to be fired from a variety of locations, from aircraft to the ground.

It weighs about 3 tons, is 8.4 meters (28 feet) long and 0.8 meters (2 feet) in diameter, and costs about $ 2.75 million apiece.

It is also the result of a joint venture between India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and Russia’s NPO Mashinostroeyenia (NPOM).

The missile is named after the Brahmaputra River in India and the Moskva River in Russia.

Currently, ground-launched variants and ship-launched variants are being used by the Indian Army.

The air-launched variant has been tested on the Indian Air Force’s Sukhoi Su-30MKI since 2013.

BrahMos can launch up to 290 km at speeds of up to three times the speed of sound.

The speed of the high-speed missile greatly reduces the flight time, making it difficult for the enemy to intercept.

The warheads can carry up to 200 to 300 kilograms of conventional non-nuclear weapon.

The missile is equipped with advanced satellite navigation systems for Russia’s Kh-555 and Kh-101 strategic long-range missiles, as well as GPS-GLONASS technology.

India is currently working on a BrahMos-II or BrahMos Mark II capable of firing at eight times the speed of sound.

The BrahMos-II is expected to have a range of 1,000 km (620 miles).

In October 2011, the design of various variants of the rocket was completed and testing has been underway since 2012.

The engine used in the rocket was a Scramjet engine instead of the previous Ramjet engine.

The Scramjet engine is described as “the world’s fastest drone to date.”

Once successful, it could become the world’s fastest hybrid missile and could be used on Russia’s fourth-generation Lider-class destroyer Project 23560 Lider.

The countries that hold territorial waters in the South China Sea are currently embroiled in tensions with China over territorial disputes, with China claiming almost all of the South China Sea.

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