Astronomer’s Doomsday Warning


The astronomer warned that the human race would suffer.

It would be a shame to leave a planet for our descendants.

There is a lot of evidence that climate change could be devastating for humans.

But we have not yet seen the global initiatives that need immediate action to combat it.

“As a species, we are acting like a frog sitting in a kettle, ignoring the obvious signs that climate change is wreaking havoc on Earth,” astronomer Martin Rees wrote in a new editorial in The Scotsman.

He has some ideas for how we can change our course, but this is a scary warning.

Probably tomorrow

Rees says the biggest threat of climate changes, which could become extinct without emergency action, remains in the future and will hit other countries first.

It incorporates a future that extends the future far beyond the powers of most current politicians, and makes them less willing to invest in the necessary changes.

He wrote: “It would be a shame to leave behind a catastrophic world for our descendants to pay attention to the heritage we owe back to our ancestors.”

Doomsday is apparently the catalyst for a united Khundia and their subsequent emergence as a galactic power

Rees likens the threat posed by climate change to a new asteroid.

Let astronomers track an asteroid and calculate that it will hit Earth in 2080, 60 years from now, Rees wrote.

Not sure, but there is a 10% chance.

When people get richer, it will be a problem for 40 years, and if we are told that we will have to give up the earth anyway, can we still be calm?

I do not think we will be complacent.

Surely we all have a desire that we should start immediately and find ways to avoid it or reduce its effects.

So why does he argue that we are not doing that for climate change?

Scientifically, it is clear that in the eyes of many, a normal economic approach will lead to our destruction.

But a global response to the threat has yet to provide the necessary emergency responses.

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