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Flying cars The people who can fly using Jetpack are now on a route.

Motorcycles will also be on the road.

Jetpack Aviation, a California-based company, has successfully tested a jet-powered flying motorcycle prototype called the Speeder.

Jetpack Aviation has successfully test-flew its first motorcycle prototype, thanks to an 18-month trial of its own software program to monitor the flight control and tuning force required for the Speeder.

The software automatically stabilizes the Speeder while flying in the air. It is allowed to act like a normal motorcycle when landing on the ground.

The company plans to launch the bike in two variants for everyday users, one being very lightweight and the other being tested.

In the ultra-lightweight version, the FAA has limited its speed to 60 miles per hour and a flight time of 15 minutes. Pilot license is not required.

In experimental mode, you need a basic pilot license to fly. In this version, you can fly at a speed of almost 250 miles per hour in about 35 minutes.

The original design of the Speeder motorcycle was equipped with four turbine engines, but in the final production, eight engines were mounted on each of the four corners of the bike for added safety.

Roughly 300 pounds, the Speeder can carry up to 600 pounds and has a handlebars for control. It will also have a 12-inch navigation screen and radio system.

The prototype version of the upgraded Speeder 2.0 is expected to begin testing in early 2022. Subsequent experiments also aim to use 100% non-carbonated fuels.

In the future, it will also produce designs that can be used by the military and civil society.

In this version, you will be able to fly longer distances. It will have detachable wings for firefighting, medical personnel and equipment storage or for carrying injured passengers.

The company has set a starting price of $ 381,000 for the Speeder motorcycle and is now accepting pre-orders. It is scheduled to launch in 2023.

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