A general who is afraid of water


“Hey, this is the waterway we have to go now.

Do you have to cross the sea? ”

“If you have to cross the sea. I don’t think so. “

“Why, General?”

“What will happen?” I can not swim. What to do if the boat capsizes? ”

The general whispered, and I looked at him sadly.

It is not uncommon for those who do not know how to swim to be afraid to travel by water. It is only natural to be concerned about crossing the sea, especially offshore.

But the journey is a must. Kyaw Yin and local people have already announced that General Aung San will speak. I got an idea while I was thinking

“General, wait here for a moment,” he said. If we can change our itinerary, we will consult with Ko Kyaw Yin to make the change. ”I walked over to the crowd of comrade Kyaw Yin. In fact, Kyaw Yin did not say anything. After I whispered my idea, Kyaw Yin smiled understandingly and nodded.

Then I hurried back to the general.

“The general has nothing to worry about,” he said. I have consulted with Kyaw Yin and his team. We will change our route and go. It will take a little longer because it will pass through a small stream inside. But you don’t have to cross the sea anymore. We can go with confidence. Now the boats are ready. let’s go”

With that, he took the general to the boat, which was ready. Although the boat was a fishing boat, the locals said that the idea for the “Paung Moe” boat to fit in the sun when the general was riding was a good fit.

There were mats under the roof of the boat, so I asked a young man to find a pillow and put it on the mat.

As soon as I got on the boat, I let the general go under the roof

“It will take a long time because the waterway is a little farther away,” he said. If you sit still, it will be boring. So, as a general, I would like to exchange flowers. Didn’t we sleep at night because we were talking at night? Get some rest now, General. If you fall asleep, you will be refreshed and refreshed when you reach the village where you have to go to preach. ”I myself forced the general to sleep.

One of the lovely things about General Aung San is that he is a politician. He usually decides on his own in military matters, but on other minor social issues he does not say a word and does what we arrange. She did not even know what to wear to any of the ceremonies when traveling home and abroad

“Hey, let’s do it. How do I dress? ”I simply chose the clothes to wear. The general did not say anything and only wore the clothes I was given. Sometimes I have to tie the knot if it doesn’t look right. This means that the general never works as a teacher in social affairs except politics. Just ask me and I will do as planned.

So when I got on the boat and I told him to get some rest, he fell asleep without saying a word. I fell asleep almost immediately.

Then the helmsman of the boat, The young rowers were told to start and sail across the sea.

The general did not know anything. As I said, I fell asleep confidently, thinking that I was drifting through a shallow stream.

People in places like the delta can not only swim but also swim from an early age. However, drought, It is not surprising that General Aung San, a native of Natmauk, Magway Division, who does not have the Ai River, does not know how to swim. When I got to university, I went to the swimming pool. There is also a swimming club, so it is possible to join and learn to swim. However, Ko Aung San, a full-time college student who was only interested in politics and the university, could not find the time to join a swimming club and learn to swim.

Therefore, it is only natural that you do not want to travel by sea.

Being a military commander is not to be blamed for not being able to swim and to travel by water. The main point I have to make in this regard is that the general often tells us over and over again

“The most important thing in man is to love morality and the truth. We must have the courage to tell the truth no matter the situation, time or place. ” Especially as he said in his hobby, “Character and Love Of Truth” in English, and now he is practicing what he teaches.

As stated at the outset of this article, the historian argues that even minor details may reveal the nature of the survivor.

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